A number of years ago Matt was instrumental in creating and developing the Twilight Sails concept to gather crew onto boats during weekday evenings. The Twilight program began with a few boats skippered by close friends of Matt’s and has developed into one of the highlights of SUS activities.

Twilight Sails are for members and their guests. Members may find the Twilight Schedule on the Member area website.

Twilight sails offer an opportunity for members to sail during the week, after work, from about 6 pm to around 9 pm (Twilight, yes?). These sails provide a wonderful way to unwind after a hard day, meet new members, get some “lay back” instruction, and, well… enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Twilight Process

The Twilight Sail Schedule, including boats,Skippers and dates, may change without notice at the discretion of the Skipper. All sails are ‘weather permitting.”

Be sure to bring sailing gloves, proper deck shoes, foul weather gear, etc.

How to sign up

Contact the skipper! The Twilight Sail Schedule indicates how the Skipper would like to be contacted — by email or phone. Advance notice of, say, 24 hours is suggested.

Members may also enter their request on the Member area website.
Some guidelines:

Keep in mind that you are the guest of the skipper. The skipper has full authority to accept or decline guest(s) on his/her boat.

Try to get to the boat on time. The general meeting time is 1800 hrs. (6:00 pm). Boats normally leave the dock before 6:30. If you’re stranded in traffic, call the skipper (assuming you have a cell phone).

Participation is on a first sign-up, first served basis. Although we’ll try to accommodate everyone, capacity on boats is limited, and we don’t overload boats. We cannot guarantee participation with sign-up.

Once back at the dock, we usually have a short sun-downer / happy hour. Bring a “little something” and your own beverage. Also, don’t over-stay…for most folks, there’s work tomorrow.

Enjoy your Twilight Sail.

Created by, and in memory of, Matt Losnick