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Many thanks to all who participated in the Membership Survey.   We appreciate the time many of you took to think about ways SUS could improve as well as let  us know what we are doing that you like! The SUS Board has reviewed your input and we are working toward the implementation of many of your ideas and suggestions as listed below.

New Members

  • Assign mentors to new members to make them feel more comfortable and get them  involved in club activities
  • Continue the rebate plan for current members who bring in new members ($20 towards the dues for the next year)
  • Continue to introduce new members at SUS meetings

Sailing Opportunities

  • Encourage use of Activities Board on website and communicating with Vice Commodore
  • Skippers will determine sailing schedule for next season, considering member preferences

Sailing Education  

  • Addition of Member Orientation Class (MOC) before each Program Meeting as needed
  • Distribute electronic Membership Orientation Pamphlet (MOP) to new members upon joining SUS
  • Schedule interactive sailing related activities during some of the social meetings. 

SUS Communications

  • Form a member committee to review web site functionality
  • Offer technical presentation for SUS website navigation before Program Meetings 
  • Masthead has been updated to include contact information for questions

Meetings, Programs & Events

  • Effort will be made to make Special Events reasonably affordable
  • Social gatherings with different focus/location (many expressed home meetings – please contact Board Member if you are willing to offer space)
  • Review hometowns of members to identify central locations with consideration of traffic issues
  • Encourage use of name tags at SUS events

To get summary information and the scanned surveys, click on the buttons below:


As always, if you have additional comments and suggestions, please feel free to contact a Board Member.  Let’s continue to make positive changes and grow!

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