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Our Mission

Singles Under Sail, Inc. (SUS) is a non-profit organization of single people founded in 1987 and incorporated in 1990. Our mission is to bring together single people with an interest in sailing, boating and related activities, and to provide opportunities to share those activities .

What We Are and What We Are Not

SUS is a sailing / boating club, NOT a sailing school.

SUS encourages novice and less experienced new and renewing members to take sailing lessons from a licensed school or yacht club. This is not required, but many members who have had this kind of instruction have enhanced their sailing experiences. (This does not replace the educational requirement.) There are many schools in the local area as well as some famous ones in other places in the country.

SUS is NOT a singles club! We are a sailing club for single people!

Who We Are

We are adult single people who like and appreciate the joys of sailing and boating. Although most of us are primarily interested in sailing, power boat skippers and their crew are also welcome to join and participate in club activities. We are serious about safe boating and as a condition of continuing membership in SUS we complete a US Coast Guard Auxiliary or US Sail and Power Squadron Safe Boating course, or the equivalent.

As Skippers, we are boat owners who enjoy sharing both our love of sailing and our boats with crew who either know a lot about sailing already or who are eager and able to learn.

As crew we have a range of experience and skills, but we are serious about being “crew.” We don’t go along for the ride. We actively participate in the sails we take. We also take advantage of the educational opportunities SUS and its skippers provide.

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