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Echo Bay YC


5:30 pm - 10:00 pm


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Come join your friends and fellow club members for our Fourth of July weekend Sail/Drive Event at Echo Bay YC on July 3rd – brought to you by The Echo Bay Yacht Club and Skipper Terry Cotteral-Lagana. This is a Dinner/Dance with a 5 piece band The Saints2 to entertain and help you dance the night away. The dinner will be a great catered buffet dinner with free beer, wine and soft drinks. 

$45 cash/exact change please when you arrive on the island. For this sum you receive a bracelet and a fun-delicious night!!!!!

The event starts July 3rd at 5:00pm but you can arrive a couple hours early to enjoy this peaceful island. If you decide to come to the island early you are free to bring to bring appetizers, cocktails etc. for yourself or to share with your friends.  There are no restrictions on personal food and beverages brought to the island.  However, I have been made aware that our members believe that the appetizers on the tables brought by EBYC members are for everyone, not so 🙂 Please limit your grazing to SUS tables. No one from EBYC brought this to the attention of our members at the time but it was shared with me and I thought I’d pass along the info 🙂

To register for the event you can follow this link to our website and login: ( or you can contact Terry by phone 914-720-4283 and leave a message or by email at

Please RSVP by June 29th

Directions to EBYC by land: go to the New Rochelle Municipal Marina, park on the top deck at the far end. Go down the stairs to “A” Dock to catch the launch to Echo Bay Yacht Club. Be sure to tip the launch driver.

Directions to EBYC by sea: Skippers should refer to the Lead Skipper Sheet. Moorings and anchorage will be available with free launch service for the entire event. Slips at the Marina may be available. Follow instructions on Lead Skipper Sheet soon to be published.

I hope to see you all of you at EBYC for a relaxing afternoon and a fun night.


Rick Takatsch

SUS President


Bookings are closed for this event.

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  1. Buffet Dinner & Dance with the Saints! RSVP to Terry Lagana directly or book your ticket here.

  2. I’d like to book for myself and Cathy Elrick, and pay for both of us. Is there not some borderline mystical way to do both the booking of a couple and payment for a couple?
    My general theory is that the club has probably laid out some cash, and good cash management would collect as far in advance as would not annoy members — but not leave it to the last possible moment.
    If the otherwise exemplary site can’t do that yet, can we at least ask for the checks and give a mailing address on the Event page? Or, is that more assertive than the past history of SUS permits?
    Cheers, Bill

    1. This is not a SUS event where we gave to put out money up front. This is an EBYC event that SUS was invited to attend. We’re collecting cash only at the event. We still want you to register thru the SUS Website to have a head count for the caterer.

    2. Hey Bill, Nevermind, I was able to modify your booking for 2 people. Let me know if that’s OK.

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