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Program Meeting: Science & sea stories


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


DoubleTree Hotel
789 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT, 06854

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Science & sea stories…Join us for the joys, triumphs and hardships of conducting science while under sail. Your guide, Dr. Schell, takes you on a voyage around the world’s oceans with Sea Semester students. Hear the sounds of humpback “whale singing” on the Silver Banks. Witness the discovery of a lost species of Sargassum threatening the Caribbean. Watch students swim with sharks while studying the second largest “coral bleaching” event ever recorded. Watch “Meddies” (deep water eddies) in the Gulf of Cadiz.

Dr. Jeffrey M. Schell  is Associate professor of Oeanography with Sea Education Association. The Sea Education Association is based in Woods Hole. This port is a prominent feature on “Chart 1” and contains almost every possible nautical challenge & strong currents. Woods Hole features many famous marine science institutions: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution – the Marine Biological Laboratory – the Woods Hole Research Center – NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center – a USGS coastal and marine geology center – the site of USCG Sector SE New England – the Nobska Light lighthouse –and the ferry route between Cape Cod to The institute prepares college students to become the next generation of marine environmental leaders. SEA offers Sea Semester academic programs in marine environmental studies.


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