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Where We Meet

We meet year round for social and program meetings in the general area of Greenwich to Norwalk CT.

When We Meet

From January through November we meet on the third Thursday of the month for excellent speaker programs.

From April through October we meet on the first Thursday of the month for a social meeting, including educational, and fun activities related to sailing.
Our meetings are filled with opportunities for getting to know each other

The coveted, prestigious Neptuna Award …


Boatyards, Spring and Fall

On the less than formal side, we work together with many of our Skippers to get the boats ready to sail in the Spring and help to “put the boats to bed” in the Fall. The tasks range from sanding bottoms (boat bottoms, of course) to painting, varnishing, scrubbing, polishing, rigging lines, etc., etc. This is an important part of the SUS experience. An opportunity to get to know other SUS members while helping a Skipper with all of the chores associated with putting a boat into the water or taking one out at the end of the season. Skippers are very appreciative!

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