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Program Meeting: Open Mic


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


DoubleTree Hotel
789 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT, 06854

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Len Ances, whose beautiful painting graces the September Masthead, presents some of his artistic works, including an eclectic Collection of paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Len discusses his motivations, techniques, and the feelings expressed in these pieces. Len will display some items at a table – before and after for viewing.Peter Luciano. Blue Water Sailing.

Peter will brief us on the excitement of blue water sailing – that starts at the dock. He addresses the stark terror at sea and how these events put you closer to God than most. Get hits on catching your own dinner- while Dolphins frolic at your bow. The splendor of experiencing 70% of the true Earth will capture your imagination.


Tyrone Mitchell presents Surviving a Category 4 Hurricane. Tyrone’s life changed after surviving – Hurricane Luis. This is up-close and personal. Sustained winds of 130 mph & gusting to 210 mph!! What happened to the 1st floor of the his beach front condo at the Flamingo Beach Resort? How does it feel to listen to radio broadcasts of people – trying to discover the status of friends & relatives??

?AND, we have a special mystery guest!  Might be a man, might be a woman, might be a group!!!  You are going to love this entertaining surprise and even bet you’ll get involved!  Hint: There are no hints. You must come to find out.

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