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Membership Requirements

No previous sailing experience is required. Many of our members had not been on a boat before joining Singles under Sail. Having taken advantage of numerous sailing opportunities, many of our members are now recognized as First Mates and have sailed far beyond Long Island Sound. Experience is the best teacher!

Members are required to be “single.” Many members are separated or divorced.  Singles Under Sail members who subsequently marry may continue their membership, and the new spouse will be eligible to join the club.

        Membership Application     


Annual membership fee is $100. It includes subscription to the club’s monthly newsletter, The Masthead, free admissions to general membership meetings and activities, and reduced admission to special events. In addition, members have access to members-only information on this website, including skippers and membership directories.

Applications received after September 30th will be valid through December of the following year.

 To encourage potential Skippers the first year fee is waived.  

    New Skipper Membership Application 

The application will be reviewed to ensure you meet the Skipper requirements.

If you are an interested skipper and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Orientation/Education Requirements

In order to promote the wellbeing, comfort and safety of skippers and crew, we require that new members complete three educational requirements before their second renewal.

  • Membership Orientation Class (MOC)

    This one-hour session is designed to help new members start sailing as soon as possible. New members are given a Membership Orientation Pamphlet with information about Singles Under Sail, boating safety, sailing terminology, and the SUS bylaws. Information about local boating classes and sailing schools is included. SUS has prepared a number of guidelines to assist members to prepare for cruising, sharing expenses and other useful items for new skippers and crew members.

  • Dockside Orientation Class (DOC)

    Lasting approximately two hours, DOC is an introduction to sailboats and boating safety. They are held Saturday mornings at a dock alongside a member’s sailboat (and is often followed by an afternoon sail).

  • Safe Boating Course

    At least eight hours of an approved safe boating course must be completed. Successful completion of the class qualifies a person to purchase for $50 their Safe Boating Certificate (SBC)/ Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation (CPWO) on the Online Sportsmen Licensing System.  The SBC/CPWO allows an individual to operate any recreational vessel up to 65ft. including a personal watercraft.    CT residents are required by law to have an SBC certificate to operate a boat in Connecticut waters. Non CT residents are required to have their own states safe boating certificate to operate a boat in CT waters. When operating  a vessel, individuals MUST carry their certificate.  For full course information and certificate requirements go to CT DEEP’s website, Boating Classes (

Singles Under Sail encourages all members to become active, contributing participants. It’s the best way to enjoy all SUS onshore and on the water activities!

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